Keys Dive Report exists to provide divers and snorkelers in the Florida Keys with local accurate reef and wreck conditions so you can “Know Before You Go!”.

Some of the most frequently asked questions divers and snorkelers ask are “What is the visibility?”, “What are the sea conditions?”, and “What is the water temperature?”  Keys Dive Report answers these questions along with a current photograph of the actual location offshore.

Keys Dive Report is the only website covering the entire Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West that provides this information in real time from actual U.S. Coast Guard Dive Boat Captains while they are out on the reefs and wrecks.

Keys Dive Report is archiving every report so that, as time goes on, data can be analyzed to help show what is happening to the ocean and coral reefs of the Florida Keys.

Keys Dive Report is free for all to use and is paid by sponsors, many of them local businesses, so please be sure to visit them when in the Florida Keys!

Some of the abbreviations you will see on Keys Dive Reports are:

Vis = Visibility (how clear is the water)

WT = Water Temperature (do you need a wet suit or not)

kts = Knots (1 kts is approximately 1.15 mph, so 8kts is approx 9 mph)